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Water Harvesting
First phase:

January 17, 2002 Water Harvesting Workshop for Berea College (KY) students

Left: J-Bar across road to lessen erosion/ruts and direct water into vegetation.

Below left: Swales to catch rainwater in old roadbed.

Below: Triumphant late in the day - new water storage tank (recycled culvert) to store rainwater harvested from the roof.

Thank you, Berea College!

Phase 2:

April 6, 2002 - a swalin' we will go - 3 students working hard, add to swale & water storage to keep west boundary from washing away.

Below left: 2nd tank in place - now where is the rain?

May & June: 20 + days of 105 + temps and NO RAIN!!!
Tank # 1 begins to fill - .3 inch + ~ 20" (~100 gallons)
MONSOON 2002 - FINALLY! July 16 it begins - everything begins to come back to life!
Connecting to the roof and completing the plumbing as the clouds roll in!
July 16, 2002
Tanks filled with rain water.
Rainfall collecting in front of the J-Bar and running off the road into the desert to feed the vegetation. Success!
In spite of encounters with spiny chollas & other varmints in the desert, students in several workshops have helped build swales to slow down the sheet flow across the land and benefit the existing and future landscape.
As part of the workshop students begin learning the principles of reading and assessing a landscape's water flow, basic water harvesting strategies, working with gravity and land contours, mulching, and plant selection.
Double rainbow and day's end - enjoying the benefits of the rains to restore the desert, beautiful in its extremes in temperatures and weather.