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Natural Plasters & Finishes
3Northeast Texas
Cob Hill
May 24-28, 2019




Join Athena Steen and Cat Taylor for 5 days of natural plasters, paints, sculpting and other fun wall finishes.


Cob Hill is offering a 10-day Foundation to Roof Cob workshop of which this workshop will be the last part of. An exciting opportunity to participate in every aspect of building your own natural home!


-Full 10 days: $1000
-Cob Intensive: (1st 5 days): $550
-Natural Plasters & Finishes (2nd 5 days): $750

(Camping sites & meals included)


For information and to register :

Call: (817)812-4909


*(Discounts available for children, vets, and those bringing a second person!