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Three-storey adobe tower gallery. Benito at the age of 16 plastered the upper floor. Third Floor or finished gallery. Finished red clay plaster around doorway contrasts against the yellow clay-straw plaster on the walls. Plastered Doorway sealed with linseed oil for protection and design. Finished lime carving on bottom floor. As soon as the carving was done, a movie was cast on the lime to test it out - a scene from Final Fantasy (Kalin's movie.) Roxanne laying adobes to form a banco, or built-in seat along base of third-story walls. Clay plastering over the adobes in the main gallery room. Bill And Athena Steen plastering the exterior entrance with a glue stabalized clay plaster. Rose Simpson perches scaffolding as she plasters the window. Rose, like her mom, Roxanne, is extremely talented in all arts. May of her artwork will also be displayed in the Tower Gallery. While we were plastering, Rose, her boyfriend, Jake, and her cousin, Dmitri Brown (16 yrs.old) were musically performing their own songs in various locations as "Chocolate Helicopter." Athena's mother, just glad to help. Arjuna Steen (14 years old) helps his uncle Tim sand the log staircase. Kalin Steen (6 years old) tries his hand at plastering. Soon afterwards he informs everyone that he is the best plasterer then walks off to play. Roxanne's grand-daughter, Ailani (3 years old) perches in newly plastered window. Bread being baked in an earth oven