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Over the years we have constructed a number of small buildings on our property as part of the infrastructure needed for our workshops.  They are used for a variety of functions that include tool and material storage, wood working, and housing workshop attendees.  They all incorporate straw bale walls along with a fusion of clay and lime plasters, carvings, decorative sculpting and assorted natural materials.

Many of the buildings were built during one of our Workshops.

There are also Site Tours scheduled throughout the year where one can see all the Canelo Project buildings first-hand.

  • Entrance

    Main House

  • Exterior

    Guest House - B&B

  • WestWall-SBStudio

    Strawbale Studio

  • Strawbale with straw-clay plaster on rammed earth foundation.

    The BikeHouse

  • Benito's Shop Exterior Side

    Benito's Shop

  • Exterior-Cottage

    The Cottage

  • Walls are made from reed mats woven around poles then plastered with straw-clay plaster inside and out. The finish plaster is lime-clay frescoed with red oxide.

    Sawdust Toilet

  • Shower-OutdoorShower

    Outdoor Shower

  • Polished Lime-clay moon with shadows were done by Shuyhei Hasado.

    Play House

  • Lime plastered bench flows off the corner.

    Mandala Shed

  • Strawbale Towers used for Plaster Work and Samples

    Class Room

  • Blue Wall2-Paint Shed

    Paint Shed

  • Bucket Shed

    Bucket Shed

  • The bus never arrived.

    The Bus Stop

  • Strawbale Storage Shed for Straw-Clay Blocks

    Block Shed

  • WoodShed

    Wood Shop

  • The Garden Shed

    Garden Shed

  • Courtyard Area

    The Compound

  • Porches

    Don Juan's House

  • Scored & Colored Cement on Gable End

    Juanita's House

  • The Bath House

    The BathHouse

  • 2008 Grass Thatched OutHouse

    Thatched OutHouse

  • Construction.west-PoemsHouse

    Poems House

  • FrontExt.CampersOuthouse

    Camper's Outhouse

  • The beargrass thatch helps protect the clay plaster.

    Pump House

  • Portable StrawBale with Finished Base Coat

    Portable Strawbale

  • Outdoor Seat

    Walls, Benches, Etc.