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Rio Sonora Valley –Sonora, Mexico

We were initially funded by _________ to work on a photographic project along the Rio Sonora Valley in northern Mexico. The Rio Sonora has always been one of the areas that give us endless inspiration throughout the years, so we were very excited to have the opportunity to revisit it in greater depth.  It has taken us deeply into the lives of the people of the region and into all walks of life from mescal making to cattle round-ups, baseball, fiestas, dance groups, foods and of course the landscape and the environment.  It was the beginning of many new activities for us in Mexico that also included taking several tour groups to the area in 2010.

More than likely some of these photos will end up in a book, for the moment they are appearing in blog posts, helping friends such as the new American owners of the hotel in Banamichi – La Posada del Rio Sonora, families in need of portraits and the like.

There are numerous posts to our blog about the area, here’s a link to one of them, a search for the Rio Sonora will yield more.

Photo Dispatches from Sonoroa (4/11/2011)