Connecting people, culture and nature


Bill and Athena Steen have been conducting workshops since 1990.
Their building, research & artistic expertise creates a balanced, unique learning experience.

  • BaleLift-SB

    Strawbale Comprehensive

    April 12-19, 2014---Cost $825
    A week-long course on building and designing an artistic strawbale building, with emphasis on clay finishes.

  • MandalaCropped-France

    Artistry with Clay & Lime

    Sept 14-20, 2014---Cost $825

    Earth and Lime Plasters, Decorative Sculpting and Carved Plasters, Earth Floors, Clay Furniture, Clay & Lime Moldings, Natural Paints

  • Estonia-Workshop

    Private Classes,
    Off-Site Workshops,
    & Consultation

    Want to host a workshop?
    Need help figuring out a mix using your local clay?
    Want to have someone check over your plans?
    We are available.