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Mounted window and door bucks are pre-cut to the predetermined compressed bale wall height. Starting at corners and door and window openings the bales are laid in a running bond. Bales are placed in running bond and tied at corners. Uncompressed bales ready for bamboo external pins. The top plate is lifted onto the top of the walls using bales as scaffolding. The all-thread is tightened down to compress the walls which adds incredible strength and stability. All-thread sandwiching the bale walls inside and out compress the bales and connect the roof members down to the foundation. The all-thread is evenly tightened down until the top plate touches all the pre-cut window/door buck and external bamboo pins. Plywood covers the Insulation in the top plate cavity. The all-thread is tightened down and the excess is cut off. All holes and spaces are pre-filled with a high long-straw mix before plastering. A high straw clay mix is used for the base coat over a thinly applied clay slip. As soon as the walls are compressed they can be plastered. Ready for metal corrugated roofing.