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We carry a few books on-site for sale to visitors and workshop participants. Otherwise all the titles below can be purchased online through Amazon and several of them through your local bookstores or the publishers.

  • The Strawbale House

    The most comprehensive book on straw bale construction. Rich with photos and illustrations to inspire prospective builders and clients. Includes floor plans and resource section.

  • The Beauty of
    Straw Bale Homes

    This book celebrates in gorgeous color photographs the tactile, sensuous beauty of straw bale dwellings.

  • Built by Hand Coverpage

    Built By Hand

    Built by Hand is the most extensive documentation ever published of traditional ("vernacular") buildings throughout the world. With examples from nearly every continent, the book documents the diverse methods people have used to create shelter from locally available natural materials through a truly stunning compilation of photographs.

  • Small Strawbale

    This practical guide is filled with rich photos of homes, greenhouses, studios, sheds, open-air structures and more, each pulsating with unique yet subtle creativity. Both a pragmatic construction manual and a philosophical, artistic guidebook

  • The HandCrafted Life
    of Don Juan Morales

    A photo essay of Juan Morales, an elderly Mexican gentleman, who portrays simple and sustainable living practices through which he brought hand-crafted beauty to the world around him.

  • Canelo Project 2009

    A photo essay of our activities and travels during the year of 2009 from the states of Arizona, New Mexico, California to Europe and Mexico.