Connecting people, culture and nature

We are Athena and Bill Steen, together, we are the ones that on a daily basis, shape and give form to The Canelo Project. Much of what we do is influenced by our roots and the connections we have to the southwestern United States. Athena comes from a background of New Mexican, Native American potters, sculptors and educators, Bill from southern Arizona and northern Sonora, Mexico.   Our work with The Canelo Project is not the result of any formal training, more than likely there isn’t any for what we do.

We like to create, bringing beauty and function to all facets of life.  We love the place that we live.  We love to teach, write, communicate, photograph and travel.  We love to help and give back where needed.  More than anything else we love our family, our children who as they grow older increasingly become a part of and enrich the work that we do.

Together and with friends, we have co-authored several books that include – The Straw Bale House, Small Strawbale, Built by Hand, The Beauty of Straw Bale Houses, The Handcrafted Life of Don Juan Morales, Children of Clay, The Canelo Project 2009 and Earthen Floors.