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Timber-Frame Workshop

Building without Nails

Canelo, AZ

March 26-April 2, 2021*

COST $600

This workshop is now filled. Please email if you would like to be put on a waiting list.

A week-long introduction to timber framing at the Canelo Project.

Come and join us for a traditional wall raising for our new and beautiful blacksmith-metal shop.

You will learn the art of laying out a timber frame structure, cutting mortise and tenons both by hand and power tools, plus lumber selection and milling. You will gain a good understanding of tools and how to maintain them. We will also show you many examples of natural building and finishes here on the property.

No experience required: This course is accessible to everyone, from beginners with little experience to builders who want to learn the craft of timber framing. We want all to leave Canelo with the confidence to build your own small timber frame at home.

After 30 years of being an educational center for strawbale and clay building, the Canelo Project has decided to host its first timber frame workshop with the goal of building a new blacksmith-metal shop.


Jenna Pollard

An experienced timber framer from South Dakota, Jenna first started timber framing during a homesteading apprenticeship in 2010. To date, she’s helped bring 9 timber frame homes to completion, and has participated in countless other projects, work partings and raisings.

Arjuna and Benito Steen

Since childhood, Arjuna (Oso) and Benito have been crafting with wood, metal and clay -with the sky as the limit. As builder-artists they use natural and sustainable techniques wherever they go.

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REGISTER -$200 Deposit

* The course begins with orientation and dinner Friday evening at 6 pm and ends Friday 12 pm.